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Beautiful VOLKSWAGEN JEEP 4X4 **************************** Volkswagen ILTIS BOMBARDIER ------------------------------------------ A "real"-4X4 JEEP! With lock on both axles!! manufacturing - Date = 15-09-1986 1st use. Mileage'' (11-02-2014) = 40.600Km. Engine = 4 Cyl. Petrol - 1714cc. - 55KW - 75HP. Type = Light freight! (= low traffic tav) Sold with a new technical inspection and CarPass.
US Army SWEATERS PULL Sweaters, HIGH NECK Size MEDIUM SUFFOLK KNITTING COMPANY Contract QM-6696 June 30, 1944. Phila. Q.M. Depot Inspector + Scarf, 100% auth./original, without label and damaged Both pieces are original WW2 clothing. Price (2 pieces) = €165
ABL - CHAINSAW, Belgian Army. In new condition, with parts and instr.papieren, all in a beautiful wooden box. Was part of the equipment of a Leopard tank.
ABL trailer with water tank in very good condition and ready for use.
Ammunition : 105 mm. – DEACTIVATED !!! X2
ANTENNA MAST BASE Original WW2 = 125€
Arches & Supports ‘Back-up’-cover GMC-Truck WW2.
BackPack, Havresack-US-model / Britisch 1944, original ! NOS, new-old-stock ! Price = €28 !
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